Gary Tobin - Guitar

Being the beneficiary of a musical family,

Gary started his musical journey at 6 with

formal lessons on violin (from Dr. Robert

Emile) which grew into self-taught guitar

starting in 7th grade.

Over years with the help of mentors like

guitarist Cornell John Tannesy, Hollywood

composer David Connor (and others),

Gary grew into a competent sideman

working with other like-minded studio

musicians in the Los Angeles area and many other notable artists over

the last 4 decades.  This exposure has contributed to his compositional

vocabulary in jazz, Latin jazz, fusion, orchestral works, electronica and other genres that led to many opportunities as an original Artist as a guitarist, jazz violinist and composer providing compositional work for the City Of Seattle, Microsoft, Asymetrix, the U.S. Forestry Service, various corporations, and many others.

His experience and consistent drive to grow and develop new ideas and technical approach to production precipitated the formation of many excellent groups including the group, Cascadia Groove (CG).  

CG is the prime vehicle for Gary’s  output of jazz, Latin jazz, and other instrumental works.