Keith Stone - Tenor Sax/Flute

My neighborhood buddies and I came up

through the school band program in our

town.  After school, we listened to

everything from Maynard to Cannonball

to Tower of Power. We were the jazz

nerds in our school." Keith joined the

fledgling University of Texas at Arlington

jazz program right after high school under

director Bill Snodgrass where he played

the baritone sax chair. "The first day we

learned to fear him. He expected a lot out of what was essentially a junior

collegeband, but we worked hard and ended up getting an invitation to

the Montreaux JazzFestival in 1978. To play on that stage at the casino at 21 was quite a thrill."

Keith has played in working bands all his life, from country rock to funk and soul with sections to play in. "When Ian called me about playing in the A Town Big Band, I told him I had bought a bari not too recently and that I had played the chair in college. He said 'great, you're it'. It has been a pleasure and a challenge to play this classic music again as well as great new stuff that has been written more recently. I just really enjoy the sound of the low horn." Keith lives and works in Anacortes.