Terry Nelson - Keyboards

Terry's fate was somewhat sealed

when at the age of 3 he picked out

“Twinkle twinle, little star” on the piano.

Classical piano lessons began at the

age of 5 and continued until the age of

14 when in 1958 he joined the first rock

and roll band in Skagit county eventually

known as the Esquires. He still plays with
them regularly even now.

His music evolved from rock and roll to

blues and jazz in his 20's and his love of jazz remains and is being greatly enhanced with all the great players in Cascadia Groove.

Terry has played with many Northwest greats such as Little Bill and the Bluenotes, Nick Vigarino, Randy Oxford, Duffy Bishop, Patti Allen, Kathi MacDonald, Rich Dangel, Danny Ward, Trish Hatley, John Anderson
and the Hammond brothers (from the group Brohamm) to name a few. He looks forward to many harmonious times with Cascadia Groove..